A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer whose legal services extend to people who file to court with a claim of personal injury of any kind as a result of negligence. The injured can sue, either a person, corporation or government institutions or any entity that was the cause of injury directly or indirectly. Personal injury laws come under a domain of law known as the ‘Law of Torts’ and often have complex regulations surrounding them and are heavily dependent on the severity of injuries. The context of the cause of injury, the setting, insurance regulations and compensations in demand make a skilled personal injury lawyer who can expertly traverse these tumultuous tort terrains in demand almost as much as the compensation itself.What your personal injury lawyer does.

It is a common misconception that once a case has been filed it will see its end only in court. Most personal injury cases are settled out of court with lawyers and clients involved coming to an agreement as to what they believe is a fair settlement. It is always of advantage to the lawyer to fish out the highest possible compensation in a settlement as his or her fees are usually contingent and decided to be a percentage of the settlement.


The lawyer will also advise you on how to avail your insurance coverage and see through that the companies cover you to the extent of their liability. This coverage can pay for various things ranging from vehicle damage, property damage as well as hospital bills inclusive of pharmaceuticals. This coverage does not depend on whether the cause of injury of any kind was negligent or not and the benefits can always be included. The lawyer will assist in understanding the fine print to make sure the coverage is utilized to full extent.


The best Ann Arbor auto accident attorneys will initiate the process of obtaining the necessary documents to follow through with the case if ever it means it will see the court. Statements from bystanders in the vicinity of the incident, photographs, security footage and official police or hospital reports have to be compiled to order to present how the incident occurred and to establish the circumstance that led to and the party at fault. The healthcare reports are slow to come in as these institutions usually have time-consuming and backlogged paperwork, after all of which the final reports will be made and the lawyer can approach the insurance company to solicit a fair offer. After a further expected delay the offer is reviewed by the client and if the settlement is seemingly unfair the lawyer can then file a lawsuit or demand arbitration. They will be given a stipulated amount of time to respond to the lawsuit. The defendants can then file their response or ‘answers’ and then the court will hold the ‘discovery’ or the proceeding wherein the answers and lawsuits are analyzed and the lawyer can now assist the client to establish their case even stronger. A trial date is usually determined after this and the verdict would be revealed but this is out of the lawyer’s hands and all depends on how busy the court you’ve found yourself in is.


The lawyer will also advice and monitor you on who to talk to about what and what documents to be involved with as high profile cases involving large sums of money are usually the target of scamming by the defendants if truly guilty. The lawyer is usually the first point of contact whenever such cases are suspected.


A good lawyer with sufficient knowledge and experience in this field will ensure that your personal injury case is handled efficiently and compensated as stated by law. They will help you be free of the burden of handling insurance agencies and creditors while already having to deal with our injury or loss at both a psychological as well as physical level.

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